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  • The Bosn's Locker charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the applicable state sales tax rate and the location to which the order is being shipped. United States Government orders are tax exempt.

  • Return Policy
  • The Bosn's Locker sells equipment and supplies through our website at www.shop.thebosnslocker.com and also accept orders by phone, e-mail, and fax. There is a $25 minimum for all orders placed on the website. The Bosn's Locker ships via UPS, USPS, and FEDEX for all domestic shipments. We will be happy to ship via the carrier of your choice provided that you supply your account number for that carrier at the time of order. Items shipped to destinations in the state of California are subject to applicable sales tax.

    Returned merchandise will be subject to a 25% restocking fee for stock items. We cannot accept returns if a product is a special order or is custom made or if an item is being returned more than 15 days after the shipment date. You have 24 hours to cancel an order without a cancellation charge. All orders cancelled after the initial 24 hour period are subject to a 25% cancellation/restocking fee.

    CUSTOM MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS - Custom-made product orders cannot be cancelled after the initial 24 hour period. This includes, but is not limited to, ceremonial bullets, photo boards, in/out status boards, bell stands, podiums, flag stands, kisbies, quarterdeck logo mats, logo carpets, macrame, command crests, special insignias, rat guards, parking signs or any other item which is "customized" per specific command instruction or manufactured as per an order placed through our website, by phone, email or by any other means. Custom manufactured items are usually tailored to specific commands with a command's name, crest, and identification  and sometimes consist of many parts (IE: materials, command crests, insignias, lettering, knot work, etc.) These items are normally manufactured prior to everything being put together and huge expenses have already been incurred. Once customized, these items cannot be sold to any other command. It is for this reason that we cannot and Will Not not accept any cancellations of orders or returns on custom manufactured items and no refunds will be provided. Before placing a "custom" order, the customer should be aware that not all items listed on our website will be in stock and the turn-around time may vary from a couple of weeks to many months - depending on how many custom orders we have on the board at the time they place their order. We receive dozens of orders each week. Due the high amount of orders we receive, especially between the months of June and September (end of the fiscal year) we must complete these in the order we receive them. No exceptions. Cancellations of orders due to any delays in manufacturing or delivery will not be grounds for cancellation of order. Custom manufactured orders cannot be cancelled after the initial 24 hour period. NOTE: EACH ITEM WE MANUFACTURE IS CUSTOM MANUFACTURED FROM SCRATCH AND EACH PIECE IS DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE IN ITS OWN WAY. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALTHOUGH WE TRY TO MAKE EACH ITEM "SIMILAR" TO THE PHOTOS SHOWN ON THE WEBSITE, NOT EVERY ITEM WILL "EXACTLY" MATCH THE ITEM IN THE PHOTO. THE BASIC OVERALL DESIGN WILL BE THE SAME - BUT THE SHAPE, COLOR, CONSTRUCTION AND SIZE OF THE ITEM MAY VARY.  If any return is authorized, the customer fully understands that the returned item will incur a 25% return fee and The Bosn's Locker will only reimburse the actual cost of the item - LESS the return fees and original shipping and handling fees.  

    CEREMONIAL BULLETS - Ceremonial Shells are non-returnable. All shells are insured. If shells are damaged during shipping, we will manufacture and ship replacement parts once the claim has been filed, approved, and paid. In certain instances we may be able to ship replacement parts prior to the claim being paid, on a case by case basis. In no instance will we authorize the shells to be returned for a refund. Many of the shells we use are "actual" U.S. Navy shells fired from Destroyers and Cruisers during live firing exercises. These shells do sustain damage from being fired and hitting the steel deck. Although we try to obtain shells with the least amount of damage, some shells will ultimately have minor dings, dents, and pitting. We also manufacture these shells from quality steel if actual shells are not available. Prior to the plating process, all of our shells are cut, sanded, ground, and polished to remove as many imperfections as possible. Since pitting is a manufacturing defect and we do not manufacture the shells ourselves, there may be pitting and slight imperfection on some of the shells. We believe that the dents are a reflection and representation of an actual Navy shell and give the shells character and authenticity. Shells will not be replaced for these reasons.


  • Miscellaneous
  • PRODUCT WARNING Some of the products offered for sale by The Bosn's Locker are of a rescue and survival equipment nature. Inherent to all rescue and survival environments is an increased risk of injury and/or possible death to an individual or group of individuals. The equipment advertised within this website, other TBL publications or offered by TBL is intended to aid the professional rescuer(s) and/or survival victim(s). However, the risk of injury or death can not be completely eliminated or foreseen. Equipment training, including continued proficiency reviews and maintenance, is vital to the proper and safe use of all rescue and survival type equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchasing and end-user organization or individual to define the operational procedures and safety guidelines associated with the proper utilization, maintenance (including service life) and storage of the rescue and survival equipment. All individuals must be thoroughly trained and familiarized with the intended purpose, correct use and function of the equipment. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. Prices on custom made items are subject to change due to fluctuating costs for materials (IE: Wood Products, Chrome, Gold, etc).